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  1. Examples of bozo in a Sentence Some bozo forgot to shut the door. Recent Examples on the Web Zimmer is an effete, hapless bozo, which lets Mr Carell put pathos and need front and centre.
  2. noun, plural bo· a fellow, especially a big, strong, stupid fellow. a rude, obnoxious, or annoying person: Two or three bozos tried to cut in ahead of the rest of us in the supermarket line.
  3. Bozo is a name that references someone who has failed to achieve any level of formal education and is easily lead and influenced by anyone who appears sympathetic.
  4. Aug 10,  · Undoubtedly, the most famous person to ever be Bozo was Willard Scott, popular member of the "Today" show for years. He was also the very first Ronald McDonald. The one I watched with my wife and two kids in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in the 's was the Bozo /10(1).
  5. Jun 08,  · Bozo has been added in Booster Pack #1, after the initial release of the DLC. Bozo is based on this Steam Workshop item by electoon. This item is a reference to Bozo the Clown, a clown character whose broad popularity peaked in the s. The item's ability to inflict fear may be a reference to coulrophobia, the fear of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki.
  6. With amenities such as easy parking, live music, and specials for lunch and dinner, Bozo's is a one of a kind experience. Our signature items such as po'boys, fresh fish, crab, and other tasty options may bring you in, but our great tasting food with large portions at a great price will bring you back.
  7. bo·zo (bō′zō) n. pl. bo·zos Slang 1. A fellow; a guy. 2. A dunce; a fool. [Earlier, a stupid, muscular fellow, of unknown origin (later influenced in meaning by the character of Bozo the Clown, introduced by Capitol Records in to market records for children).] bozo (ˈbəʊzəʊ) n, pl -zos slang US a man, esp a stupid one [C of uncertain.
  8. Bozo is an unidentified white ball who is seen being chased by an unknown shadow in " Welcome Back ". In the episode, Golf Ball has a flashback - triggered by a broken/cracked set of flower pots - when she and Tennis Ball visit the abandoned Science count: 1 (possibly).

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