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I Decline - Waiting for My End - Our Need Of Consolation Is Insatiable (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “ I Decline - Waiting for My End - Our Need Of Consolation Is Insatiable (CD, Album)

  1. "Our need of consolation is insatiable" is a Black Metal album that will atone for all the pain that lies dormant in us through these incisive riffs, cold and devoid of human feelings. It is music that would be nothing without the tortured screams issued by A.K.
  2. Comes as 6 panel digipak. The album conveys overt references to Swedish writer Stig Dagerman and his essay Vårt behov av tröst är omättligt () - literally "Our Need For Consolation Is Insatiable".
  3. > Cds > Waiting for My End "Our Need Of Consolation Is Insatiable" (DigipakCD) View larger. Waiting for My End "Our Need Of Consolation Is Insatiable" (DigipakCD) Reference: ARV Condition: New product In stock. Tweet Share Write a review Send to a friend.
  4. Aug 07,  · [En] A.R.V Waiting for my end: Our need of Consolation is insatiable. Taking roots from famous author Dagermann who killed himself, Waiting for my end is A.K's new oppressive yet liberating solo project that unleashes distress in a world of sheer pain and agony. This album is a liberation for its creator, a revelation for the listener.
  5. "Our Need for Consolation is Insatiable" lays bare the writer’s fragile psyche, not only his faltering ego but his selfless and far from sure-footed ambition to offer something of lasting beauty and meaning to a world indifferent to his very existence. While writing the essay, Dagerman managed to rise temporarily from the depths of his.
  6. by Waiting for My End. Our Need of Consolation is Insatiable. by Waiting for My End. favorite track I Decline I Decline. One of the few bands that evokes a similar feeling to Xasthur but without feeling like a ripoff. Nihilistic, misanthropic, bitter, and depressingly harsh black metal. This album deserves far more attention, and I can't.
  7. In Swedish writer Stig Dagerman wrote an autobiographical essay titled "Our Need for Consolation is Insatiable." It is a remarkable poetic meditation on the life-and-death stakes of the literary imagination from a writer who was likely.
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